Ready to start a worker cooperative?

Four people are standing in a cluster, talking to each other.
Members of some of the newest co-ops in Madison had the opportunity to connect at MCDC’s 5 Year Anniversary Party.

There are many reasons to start a worker cooperative, or convert an existing business to a worker co-op. Worker-owners tend to be paid more than traditional employees in their same field, stay in their jobs longer, and have better working conditions. There are other benefits that are less tangible, as well, such as the empowerment that comes from participating in a democratic workplace.

MCDC is here to help you make that happen with a variety of resources:

We can also connect you to:

  • Madison’s network of worker co-ops, MadWorC, which can provide support and ongoing connections to other worker cooperatives
  • Business planning, legal support, and other technical assistance from the UW Center for Cooperatives
  • Cooperative Development Grants through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), which can cover costs of consultants for things like business planning, feasibility studies, marketing, and more.

If this sounds good to you, please tell us about yourself and your idea on our intake form.