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If you feel like this co-op stuff sounds pretty good, but you’re not sure where to start, this is the page for you. Here, you’ll find very short videos, very long videos, and all points in between. Both the dynamics of workplace democracy and the mechanics of running a business are addressed, as well as some of the more elusive aspects, like business growth. There’s no need to watch these in order — choose the ones that fit your need at the moment. Note the separate sections for start-ups and conversions.

We’re creating this video library in large part as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you like it, or if there are changes or additions you’d like to see to it, we would really appreciate your feedback. In coming months, we hope to be able to connect you with local experts over live videoconferencing so you can ask very specific questions.

We begin with our own Co-ops 101 video, created by Charity Schmidt. This is a great overview of worker co-ops, with a focus on Madison.

The UW Center for Cooperatives has a very useful series of recorded webinars on co-ops in general.

  • Co op Directors 101 Cooperative Finance 101 1:02:21. The UW Center for Cooperatives gives an overview of cooperative finance including defining terms, reading financial statements, questions boards should ask and tools for monitoring financial performance including reports and key indicators.Co op Directors 101
  • Webinar: Tools for an Effective Board 1:01:07. The UW Center for Cooperatives’ presentation on strategies for developing an efficient board including meeting agendas and facilitation, committees, and maintaining a healthy board culture. We will review key elements of effective decision-making.
  • Co-op Directors 101 Webinar: Roles and Responsibilities 1:01:12. The UW Center for Cooperatives’ presentation on the different functions performed by directors including fiduciary and oversight responsibilities. We will review the relationships between the board, management, and members.

There are many other useful videos out there, as well. Most of these are specifically about worker co-ops, but a few are about start-up businesses in general.

Brief introductions to worker co-ops

Worker co-ops in more detail

Nut and bolts of running a co-op

Starting and expanding a business

Converting an existing business to a worker co-op