Worker cooperatives exist around the country, and around the world. Here are some of the organizations we collaborate with as we build the community.

  • Collaboration For Good Infusing community with cross sector, cross-discipline collaboration, Collaboration for Good, Inc. is a communications and capacity building organization focused on economic equity and growing social good. They provide targeted programs, services, and resources to strengthen, support, extend, accelerate and sustain social good in a flexible manner.
  • gener8tor is a nationally-ranked venture capital firm and accelerator that brings together start-up founders, investors, corporations, job seekers, universities, musicians and artists. They offer more than 75 programs spanning start-up accelerators, corporate programming, speaker series, conferences, skills accelerators, and fellowships and believe that everyone deserves opportunities, regardless of race, place, or gender.
  • Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN) is a multi-stakeholder cooperative explicitly designed to create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community. MAN hosts the Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) and received an MCDC grant to build an infrastructure to support and transition project ideas generated in the MAW into cooperative endeavors.
  • Madison Worker Cooperatives (known as MadWorC) is Madison’s local peer support network for worker co-ops seeking to build the solidarity economy in Madison. Local worker co-op organizing is critical to making sure worker cooperatives have the tools, skills, and resources necessary for maintaining strong businesses.
  • Nehemiah cultivates character, leadership, and economic development for the African American community through culturally grounded programs. Our Justified Anger initiative works to eliminate racial disparities in the greater Madison area by developing relationships, solutions, and systems.
  • Worker Justice Wisconsin empowers workers to stand up for their rights, and brings faith, labor, and other community allies together to fight for: a living wage for all; paid time off for all; workplaces free from discrimination and harassment; opportunities for collective organizing without fear of retaliation; and a healthy work/life balance for all people regardless of race, gender, national origin, immigration status, or creed.
  • Madison Libraries co-op resources collection
  • The UW Center for Cooperatives
  • The US Federation of Worker Co-ops
  • Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC)
  • KIVA Madison
  • UW-Madison Small Business Development Center
  • Shared Capital Cooperative
  • Workers to Owners Collaborative
  • The City of Madison’s Office of Business Resources
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation