Presenting MCDC’s video library!

We haven’t been able to do our Co-ops 101 presentation in many months, for reasons you’re all familiar with. So, Charity recorded it, and posted the video on YouTube. Then we figured, as long as we’re posting videos about worker co-ops, we might as well post a bunch of them, and call it our video library. For example, the UW Center for Cooperatives has recordings of recent webinars that are packed with useful, real-world information on owning and operating a co-op. They’re featured on our page.

After that, we went a bit further afield. Since co-ops are a global movement, we have videos from Canada, England, Ireland, and Spain, as well as lots from here in the US. If you’re short on time, several are under three minutes long. On the other hand, if you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, a number of them are over an hour. Here are the categories…

There’s a great deal of information available here. Some of it is a bit abstract or academic, but most of it is highly practical and applicable. If you find it useful, or if you feel we’ve missed something, please let us know by writing to