Want to start a worker cooperative?

MCDC will connect you to the resources you need.

  • Mini-grants up to $10,000
  • To to cover assistance, development, and outreach
  • Education on the worker cooperative model
  • Support from our peer network
  • Business planning, legal, and other technical assistance via MCDC, the UW Center for Cooperatives, and our network of preferred providers
  • Connect to local organizations and unions for Training, benefits, and resources from local organizations and labor unions
  • Start-up capital and financing through our lending partners

For people who want to start cooperatives or convert existing businesses to cooperatives: Fill out this intake form if you want support and technical assistance from MCDC.

We are currently accepting mini-grant proposals for up to $10,000 on a rolling basis. The aim of the Mini-Grant Program is to provide groups with the technical assistance they need to develop a new worker cooperative or to convert an existing business to a worker cooperative. Learn more about the grant and the ways that MCDC can support your cooperative in development in the application guidelines.

An informational booklet describing the co-op model and the process of starting co-ops from UW Center for Cooperatives: Cooperatives in Wisconsin: The Power of Cooperative Action