Childcare webinar

This webinar is part of a professional development series hosted by Satellite Family Child Care. Childcare providers across the country are using the cooperative business model to improve the conditions of their work and the care they can provide for children. Attendees will learn how this is being accomplished through worker co-ops for childcare centers or shared services co-ops for in-home childcare providers. Attendees will also learn about the resources available through the Madison Cooperative Development Coalition and the Madison Public Libraries to help providers form co-ops. Cooperatives can be used to ensure providers have a voice in their workplace, minimize administrative work, or to share costs associated with running their family childcare businesses.

This webinar features Charity Schmidt, Cooperative Development Specialist at the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives and the Madison Cooperative Development Coalition, and Martin Alvarado, Business and Technology Librarian at Madison Public Libraries.

The webinar was presented in both English and Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation. Therefore, this video is bilingual.