New Worker Co-op Class

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One of our community partners, Madison Workers Cooperative (MadWorC), is offering a new four-week class, “What is a worker cooperative and why would you start one?” through Madison College’s Professional and Continuing Education Program. MadWorC is a network of worker cooperatives that has been working for the last few years to develop more education about the worker cooperative model. 

The class is an introduction to the model of worker cooperatives, the benefits of worker cooperatives for workers and communities, how high concentrations of worker cooperatives have supported economies in other parts of the world, and what is different about being a worker-owner than an employee (or a sole owner). 

If you have attended our Co-op 101 or 201 and want to learn more about worker cooperatives before deciding if this is the right model for you, this class is a good opportunity to dive deeper. 

If you haven’t managed to make it to one of our sessions, this class is another way to learn more about worker cooperatives. 

The class will be from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday evenings from February 20th to March 12th, at the Truax campus. Professional and Continuing Education classes are open to anyone in the community. 

Registration is on Madison College’s Professional and Continuing Education page at, and will be open until Monday, February 12th. 

If you have questions about the class, you can visit MadWorC’s website or contact them directly.