Upcoming Co-op Education Sessions

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Our next Co-ops 101 and Co-ops 201 dates are announced, and we are offering a new Co-op Financing session, too. These free sessions are open to anyone in the community interested in learning more about worker cooperatives. There are in-person and virtual sessions.

Co-ops 101: Learn about this values-based model where workers share in the ownership, decision-making and profits of a business. Learn about worker co-ops in Madison and resources for technical assistance and financing.

Tuesday October 24th, 6-7:30pm via Zoom

Thursday October 26th, 12-1:30pm at the Central Library (201 W Mifflin)

Co-ops 201: What does it take to start up a worker cooperative business? Learn about the steps and requirements to develop your co-op, as well as the resources to get it started.

Wednesday November 1st, 6-7:30pm via Zoom

Co-op Financing: A crucial question for every start-up business is access to financing. Learn about the ecosystem of organizations that provide financing for worker cooperatives.

Tuesday November 14th, 12-1:30pm at the Central Library (201 W Mifflin)

If you work with an organization that is interested in helping people start their own businesses/create their own employment, attending a Co-ops 101 session is a great way to learn more about the cooperative model so you can decide if it’s something that might appeal to the people you are working with. In addition to providing support for individual cooperatives, MCDC can provide support to organizations that are interested in supporting the development of worker cooperatives. 

Information and registration is at http://madpl.org/coop

These sessions are free thanks to MCDC, the Madison Public Library, the UW Center for Cooperatives, and the Madison Public Library Foundation.