Co-ops 101 next Tuesday!

As the pandemic gradually winds down, we’re going to continue to play it safe, and hold June’s Co-ops 101 online once again.

If you have an idea for a business, come learn why structuring it as a worker co-op is a very good choice, both for the workers and for the community at large. Charity Schmidt will explain what worker co-ops are like, and discuss some local examples. Steve Herrick and Martin Alvarado will also be on hand to answer questions about co-ops and the resources available to those who want to start one.

By the way, keep in mind that opening a new business isn’t the only way to start a co-op — an existing business can also be converted into a co-op by being sold to its workers. This is a great option for small business owners who are looking forward to retirement, but aren’t sure what the next step is for the business. Charity will talk about ways the workers can finance the purchase.

Register by clicking on the image above, and then tell a friend!

We’ll see you on Tuesday!