Democratic economic development in Madison

In case you missed it, Alder Rebecca Kemble hosted a panel discussion on democratic economic development in Madison on Facebook on Sunday. The panelists were Martin Alvarado (formerly of the Interpreters’ Co-op and now a librarian building co-op resources in the library system), Brel Hutton-Okpalaeke (Freewheel Bikes, which is converting to a worker co-op), Matilde Cachiguango (Roots for Change), and Mariela Quesdad Centeno (Centro Hispano and a contractor for Roots for Change).

All five panelists talked about how they found their way into the world of co-ops, and the personal impact co-ops have had on them. They agreed that worker co-ops are an important way for Madison’s economy to benefit community members, and in particular, the marginalized and overlooked. They’re great examples of what co-ops are, and of the kind of thing that Madison needs even more of.

The presentation is a little over an hour, and you can find it here! If starting a co-op sounds good to you, reach out to Charity Schmidt.