Latinx co-ops in the US

Not long ago, the UW Center for Cooperatives published the largest study to date on co-ops with Latinx members. It was carried out and authored by Esther West, with the collaboration of Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhardt, the author of Collective Courage (see our earlier post on her book).

Here’s an excerpt from the Executive Summary…

The objective of this research is to recognize and better understand Latinx cooperatives in the United States today, as well as to begin contextualizing them within the broader Latinx socio-economic context in the United States. While far from being the only research involving Latinx businesses and cooperatives in the U.S., it is the first compilation of Latinx cooperatives of all co-op types and sectors in the U.S. Through a survey, research, and informal interviews, we have compiled an aggregate list of Latinx cooperatives and conducted basic analysis on this dataset.

Download the report in English here, and in Spanish here. You can contact Esther with questions by email.