Good news, bad news

Some of the attendees at the Regional Rendezvous
Some of the attendees at the Regional Rendezvous

First, the good news: the Regional Rendezvous was a big success! We had around 60 people, with some coming from as far away as Minnesota, Illinois, and even Montana. We’ll discuss it in more detail in the a future newsletter.

The bad news, as you already know, is that the coronavirus is now a pandemic, and nearly everything is closing or being postponed. MCDC is no exception. All public events we had scheduled through the end of April are cancelled. Specifically, the Financing Your Co-op session on April 7, Co-ops 101 on the 14th, and the Spanish session tentatively scheduled for the 28th are all cancelled. There are upcoming sessions for all of these later in the season, so you haven’t missed your only chance to attend.

We encourage you to stay home and stay safe. In-person meetings are not going to be possible for weeks to come, but you can still reach us by email. If you are in a co-op in development (or would like to be), email Charity any time at

We’ll get through this the way we’ve always gotten through hard times — by cooperating.