Who wants to help start a brewing co-op?

Mead, cloudy and clear. Not actually Derek’s. Source. CC-BY-SA 2.0.

We are pleased to announce that we have a brewer who is interested in forming a co-op. His name is Derek, and he lives on a farm south of Madison (the co-op will be based in Madison). He is currently experimenting with mead, fruit wines, and malting and brewing beer (once he can grow all the ingredients on his own land).

The co-op will focus on fermentation of local ingredients — a bonus if the product comes from co-op member farms. The co-op would facilitate fermenting, aging, storing, and distributing the beverages, helping small-scale producers bring their unique products from farms to consumers. People who have experience with brewing, and would like to collaborate with Derek, should contact MCDC to arrange a meet-up. Folks with experience in other aspects of running a brewing businesses, such as logistics or marketing, are welcome as well. The plan is to start small, and focus on developing the craft. It will be local production for local consumption. If that matches your style, write to steve@social.coop to start a conversation.