The Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy is now taking registrations!

Participants in a workshop at an earlier ECWD.

What is the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy? Well, glad you asked.

The ECWD, founded in 2002, is a conference that builds awareness of worker-owned businesses while strengthening existing worker co-ops. For 17 years, the ECWD has forged relationships between democratically-owned businesses, labor institutions, and cooperative resource organizations to expand workplace democracy. The ECWD has been convened every two years in the Eastern United States, and was last hosted by Baltimore in 2011. As a signal of our growing alignment, this will be the first year that the program is organized directly by the US Federation of Worker Co-ops, this country’s national grassroots membership organization for worker-owned cooperatives.

October 18-20
Baltimore, Maryland
University of Baltimore School of Law
See the full program here

MCDC is sending both our staffers, and our collaborator at the public libraries, Martin Alvarado, is going as well. We hope to see you there!