Co-ops 101 next Tuesday!

As the pandemic gradually winds down, we’re going to continue to play it safe, and hold June’s Co-ops 101 online once again. If you have an idea for a business, come learn why structuring it as a worker co-op is a very good choice, both for the workers and for the community at large. Charity… Leer más »Co-ops 101 next Tuesday!

This weekend — the Regional Rendezvous!

You are invited to join worker co-ops from Madison and beyond at this weekend’s second annual Regional Rendezvous! The program and sponsors are listed in the image above. The theme is the Role of Worker Owners in Cooperative Development.  Please register to receive the Zoom links. Last year’s first-ever Regional Rendezvous was considered highly successful,… Leer más »This weekend — the Regional Rendezvous!

Co-ops 101 today! Introducción a las cooperativas hoy!

Today’s the day! Learn about the basics of worker co-ops with Charity Schmidt, plus the technical support and financing MCDC can provide you. Click the image above to register. It’s free! 6:00 PM, on Zoom We’ll see you there! ¡Ya llegó el día! Aprende los fundamentos de las cooperativas de trabajo, y también sobre el… Leer más »Co-ops 101 today! Introducción a las cooperativas hoy!

¡Ya regresaron las introducciones a las cooperativas!

¡Las introdcucciones a las cooperativas (Co-op 101s) están de vuelta en forma de webinar! Acompáñanos el miércoles 24 de marzo a las 6 PM, cuando proveeremos educación básica sobre los negocios cooperativos, destacando el modelo de cooperativas de trabajo. También hablaremos sobre los recursos que MCDC y sus socios pueden proporcionar a las personas que… Leer más »¡Ya regresaron las introducciones a las cooperativas!

Our next Co-op 101!

MCDC Co-op 101s are back- in webinar form! Join us on Wednesday, March 24th at 6pm, when we’ll provide some basic education on cooperative businesses, highlighting the worker co-op model. We’ll also discusses the resources that MCDC and its partners can provide to people who want to start worker co-ops, and community-based organizations that want… Leer más »Our next Co-op 101!

Democratic economic development in Madison

In case you missed it, Alder Rebecca Kemble hosted a panel discussion on democratic economic development in Madison on Facebook on Sunday. The panelists were Martin Alvarado (formerly of the Interpreters’ Co-op and now a librarian building co-op resources in the library system), Brel Hutton-Okpalaeke (Freewheel Bikes, which is converting to a worker co-op), Matilde… Leer más »Democratic economic development in Madison

Grants for community-based organizations!

As of today, MCDC’s next round of grant-making has begun! These grants are for local community-based organizations (nonprofits), and can be for up to $30,000. Here are the sorts of thing the grants are meant to support: Support for community organizing to identify potential worker owned cooperative groups Workshop and education program development around the… Leer más »Grants for community-based organizations!

Don’t start just any kind of business, start a worker co-op (like Roots for Change)!

VICE just ran a great article by Katie Way called “Don’t Start Just Any Kind of Business; Start a Worker Co-Op.” It does a nice job explaining why co-ops are better for workers than conventional business, and, even better, it cites Madison’s own Esther West, Mariela Quesada, and Matilde Cachiguango to make the point. Esther… Leer más »Don’t start just any kind of business, start a worker co-op (like Roots for Change)!