Steve Herrick

Collaboration for Good (con español)

The fourth in our series of community-based organizations that MCDC partners with is Collaboration for Good. Here’s how they describe themselves… Collaboration for Good (C4G) is a Madison-based capacity-building organization that focuses on accelerating economic equity. We build cross-sector, cross-discipline, collaborative communities that reduce economic inequality that brutalizes communities of color. Our mission is to… Leer más »Collaboration for Good (con español)

Nehemiah/Gener8tor (con español)

Our third grant to a community-based organization this year actually goes to two organizations, which applied jointly: Nehemiah and Gener8tor. Here they are in their own words… At Nehemiah, we believe there is a need and desire for a stronger Madison for all—therefore, we focus on strengthening the African American community. Nehemiah cultivates character, leadership,… Leer más »Nehemiah/Gener8tor (con español)

MadWorc (con español)

MadWorC As we continue our look at MCDC’s community-based organization partners, the second in our series is MadWorC. MadWorC’s real name is Madison Worker Cooperatives, which makes it pretty clear who belongs to it. Its website says that… MadWorC is a membership organization of worker-owned and operated cooperatives. Our mission is to support and build… Leer más »MadWorc (con español)

Co-op Connection is this Saturday!

This year’s Co-op Connection will this Saturday, October 2nd, from 8:30 to 12:00 noon. The location on MLK Blvd., next to the Farmers’ Market. Join Summit Credit Union and other local cooperatives for the 10th Co-op Connection celebrating cooperatives and community. Co-op Connection is a celebration of cooperatives and all they contribute to our communities and the… Leer más »Co-op Connection is this Saturday!

Worker Justice Wisconsin (con español)

WJW Español abajo. As we prepare for fall, and particularly for October, which is Co-op Month, MCDC will be talking about its Community-Based Organization grant recipients for this year. Community-based organizations (CBOs) are local non-profits doing work to benefit marginalized people in Madison.  We fund them to include worker co-op education in their programming. You’ll learn… Leer más »Worker Justice Wisconsin (con español)

Today! Co-ops 101

In just a few hours, come here what worker co-ops are all about! Click the image to register! Tell a friend!

Co-ops 101 next Tuesday!

As the pandemic gradually winds down, we’re going to continue to play it safe, and hold June’s Co-ops 101 online once again. If you have an idea for a business, come learn why structuring it as a worker co-op is a very good choice, both for the workers and for the community at large. Charity… Leer más »Co-ops 101 next Tuesday!

This weekend — the Regional Rendezvous!

You are invited to join worker co-ops from Madison and beyond at this weekend’s second annual Regional Rendezvous! The program and sponsors are listed in the image above. The theme is the Role of Worker Owners in Cooperative Development.  Please register to receive the Zoom links. Last year’s first-ever Regional Rendezvous was considered highly successful,… Leer más »This weekend — the Regional Rendezvous!