Grants for community-based organizations!

As of today, MCDC’s next round of grant-making has begun! These grants are for local community-based organizations (nonprofits), and can be for up to $30,000. Here are the sorts of thing the grants are meant to support: Support for community organizing to identify potential worker owned cooperative groups Workshop and education program development around the… Read More »Grants for community-based organizations!

Don’t start just any kind of business, start a worker co-op (like Roots for Change)!

VICE just ran a great article by Katie Way called “Don’t Start Just Any Kind of Business; Start a Worker Co-Op.” It does a nice job explaining why co-ops are better for workers than conventional business, and, even better, it cites Madison’s own Esther West, Mariela Quesada, and Matilde Cachiguango to make the point. Esther… Read More »Don’t start just any kind of business, start a worker co-op (like Roots for Change)!

Upcoming webinars on worker co-ops

TODAY at noon Central Time: Why Worker Co-ops Should Matter to Labor Unions Presenters: John McNamara / Northwest Co-op Development Center; Lis Ryder / Los Angeles Union Co-op Initiative; Tim Palmer, union organizer; Ra Criscitiello / Service Employees International UnionRegister here. Next Wednesday, February 17 at 11:30 AM Central Time: Business Succession Planning with MCDC Charity Schmidt will present on worker co-ops and… Read More »Upcoming webinars on worker co-ops

Why worker co-ops should matter to labor unions (webinar)

The Union Co-ops Council of the US Federation of Worker Co-ops and marketing sponsors Co-op Cincy, Community and Worker Ownership Project, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, Northwest Co-op Development Center, Los Angeles Union Co-op Initiative, 1 Worker: 1 Vote, Wellspring Labor Co-ops Committee, Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation, Temple University Small Business Development Center invite you to attend a… Read More »Why worker co-ops should matter to labor unions (webinar)

Happy holidays, and goodbye, 2020!

Between the pandemic, the economic collapse, the racial injustice, the Presidential campaign, the wildfires, the hurricanes, and the countless Zoom calls, this year can’t end soon enough. Still, the threat of the murder hornets turned out to be overblown, so there’s that. MCDC had a successful year, in spite of the many challenges. We gave… Read More »Happy holidays, and goodbye, 2020!

Reminder that Collective Courage Book Club starts tomorrow

Collective Courage is a landmark work on the African-American cooperative experience. In hard times — which is to say, pretty much always — African Americans have depended on each other to get by. But it wasn’t until Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard wrote this book that it was possible to get a detailed historical overview of exactly… Read More »Reminder that Collective Courage Book Club starts tomorrow